Seasons Change

Winter never wanted power. He tried to live a normal life. He tried to be a normal person. He was even getting better at it. For a while, it almost seemed like he could leave the oddities surrounding his nature behind.

Then he agreed to do a favor for a friend, and got mixed up in something darker than he could ever have seen coming. Things got ugly, but the good guys won in the end, and Winter went back to his day-to-day life.

Except that three months later, he’s finding out that it might not be over after all. There was more at stake in that battle than Winter realized, and winning has earned him the attention of an awful lot of people. If he’s going to survive the consequences, Winter might have to give up on his dream of a normal life, and embrace he power of his uncanny heritage.

Seasons Change is the second book of the Winters Tale series. To download this book, click one of the links below.

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