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After some unfortunate delays, I’m pleased to say that the next series is finally ready to begin. It’s called The Broken Land, and you can find it at That site isn’t quite as polished as I’d like it to be and you can expect some more updates to it in the near future, but for the moment it’s functional and you can read the first chapter right now if you’d like. The story itself is…well, I have an about page on that site, so I won’t go into too much detail here. I will say that it’s an epic fantasy, meaning that it doesn’t have the conceit of being set in the real world that Winter’s Tale did. It still has a lot of the same themes, though, and I think that if you liked this story you can probably find something to like in that one as well. Like I said a while ago, it won’t have any interludes at first, but otherwise I’ll be aiming for the same Monday-Wednesday-Friday update schedule as before, starting with chapter two on Monday.


So that’s, obviously, the biggest news. There are some other things which I want to address as well, though. First off, the retrospective commentary on Winter’s Tale is obviously not finished, or even particularly close to finished. I’ll be working on that still, but it isn’t as much of a priority as The Broken Land, particularly as it doesn’t seem anyone is terribly interested in it. As a result, it may take some time for that to be completed.


Second, the side project I’ve hinted at for a while now. Well, unfortunately, this one isn’t good news. I put off mentioning it until I was sure it would make it to publication, but unfortunately it seems I was too hasty with that assumption. I was working on it with a publishing company of sorts, and at the last minute they decided that it was copyright infringement and not publishable. I don’t agree that anything in it was so derivative as to be an infringement of copyright, but obviously my opinion isn’t the one that matters here. Due to some peculiarities of the project in question I can’t really take it to another company or publish it myself on this site, either. So, and I do regret this, it doesn’t seem that it will ever see the light of day. I might repurpose the material which is wholly mine, maybe as a sort of extended interlude in Winter’s Tale. But I don’t think that you’ll ever see it as it was really intended to be seen.


And, finally, there are some general maintenance things which I have to do in terms of keeping this site and the Patreon page up to date. It shouldn’t be anything major, but if you notice any changes that’s what’s going on.


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