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Winter’s Tale is a fairly dark urban fantasy focusing on the life of Winter Wolf, an asocial carpenter living in Colorado Springs. Winter’s got an odd background and a handful of nonhuman friends, but by and large he tends to avoid the supernatural. This changes rapidly near the start of the series, however, when he starts to get drawn into the murky world of supernatural politics.

Readers should be aware that this is not a particularly lighthearted story. Winter’s world is often an ugly place; the monsters are more or less in charge of things, and the people fighting to change the status quo are often even worse. Morality is grey at the best of times, and more often than not the choices are between two wrongs. Winter himself is far from a saint, and he finds himself on increasingly shaky ethical ground as the story progresses. There are graphic depictions of violence, and while sex is not described in detail it does occur throughout the books. If you’re easily offended or disturbed by this sort of thing, you might want to consider passing on this series.

If all of that hasn’t scared you off, you can start reading here.

About Emrys

I’m currently twenty and a senior in recently graduated from college. I enjoy reading , hiking, and learning about exotic methods animals have developed to kill and eat each other. I like chocolate, fancy ice cream, and foxes, and I have a peculiar and inexplicable fondness for clothing with lots of small pockets. I dislike Brussels sprouts, writing about myself in the third person, and the color orange. I currently live in Colorado with an exceedingly clumsy cat and crippling social anxiety.

Remarkably, all of the statements in the preceding paragraph are true.

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  1. Terra

    Please update your about page. Are you still in college? Thought you mentioned when you graduated… and moved? I just want to know more about the author. Thanks

    • Emrys

      Updated the page slightly. Most of what was on there is still accurate, though.

      If you have something specific that you want to know, I might be able to answer that.

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