Q: When will the next chapter be posted?


A: Regular chapters are posted on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Interlude chapters, which focus on events outside the main timeline from the perspective of other characters, are posted every Saturday. All chapters are posted at 12:00 A.M. UTC.


Q: How long are your books?


A: I aim for a little less than a hundred thousand words per book. With standard formatting, that comes to about two hundred pages in a 12-point font. This is shorter than a lot of novels, particularly in the epic fantasy genre. Urban fantasy novels tend to be a little shorter, though, and I would say mine are around average for length in the genre.


Q: Are your books available in any other languages?


A: Sorry, no. I’m not competent to translate them. Translations are allowed under the CC license, however, and you’re welcome to convert them into any language you like.


Q: Are your books available in audiobook format?

A: Not currently. There’s a lot entailed in producing an audiobook, and I am not in a position to undertake that task right now.

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